Cass County Dental Clinic

Dr. Sky Kurlbaum

Myers received her associate’s degree in dental hygiene from Johnson County Community College. After two years of full-time clinical work, she enrolled at University of Missouri-Kansas City where she received her bachelor’s degree and her master’s degree in dental health education. She currently teaches for the dental hygiene program at Concord Career College.

Before joining the Cass County Dental Clinic staff, Julie worked at a pediatrics dental office in Overland Park, Kansas. She also joined mobile outreach efforts by providing dental hygiene services to underserved children in area schools.

“A lot of children are limited by the knowledge they get from the adults around them. It's important that we intervene and give them the education they might not be getting somewhere else. Children need healthy, pain-free mouths. It affects how they learn an dhow they eat. It's all connected to the rest of the body. -Julie Myers, RDH

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