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Amber Goucher

Amber Goucher

Amber Goucher recently graduated from Rockhurst University and is ready to start her career as a nurse. She received a scholarship from Cass Community Health Foundation each year of her education. As a first-generation college student, these scholarships helped Amber navigate the financial hardships that college brings. Cass Community Health Foundation’s investment in Amber helped her realize that her education will not only better herself, but better her community as well.

“Going through nursing school was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, and this financial support gave me relief that in the end it would be worth it. Getting scholarships from foundations and businesses from the area you’re from instills a sense of self-worth and pride that someone believes in you.”

Amber graduated from Belton High School in 2020. She credits her teachers in the Belton School District for instilling an interest in creating relationships, something Amber has built her philosophy of nursing around. She hopes to model the relationships she makes with patients after the relationships her teachers made with her as a student.

“Even if every teacher didn’t know me personally, they would acknowledge me and have small but important conversations. I think this is important in my profession because health care can be scary. As a nurse, I am going to spend a lot of time with my patients so building connections with them can make their experience in the hospital a little less scary.”

“Cass Community Health Foundation is committed to supporting local students interested in health care,” Cynthia Randazzo, Cass Community Health Foundation president and CEO said. “Through funds established by community donors, the foundation has supported many students like Amber. She recognizes the importance of this support when building a future that includes much-needed nurses.”

“This foundation works hard to support their students during their educational journey, future nurses especially. As we learn the knowledge to support the rest of the world, they support us. I will always remember my roots, in part, due to this foundation.”

Cass Community Health Foundation is proud to have supported Amber on her nursing journey. The foundation will continue to support additional local students from Archie High School, Belton High School, Cass Midway High School, Drexel High School, Grandview High School, Harrisonville High School, Heartland Christian School, Pleasant Hill High School, Raymore-Peculiar High School, Sherwood Cass High School, or Training Center Christian School. Students interested in nursing or other health related degrees can apply at