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Health Forward Foundation awards $184,000 to Cass Community Health Foundation

Health Forward Foundation awards $184,000 to Cass Community Health Foundation

BELTON, Mo., (Dec. 12, 2019) – Cass Community Health Foundation (CCHF) recently received an $184,000 grant from Health Forward Foundation.

Health Forward awarded the $184,000 to CCHF’s safety net dental clinic, Cass County Dental Clinic, through their safety net funding opportunities. Safety net funding supports improved access to physical health care and oral health care for those most in need. The grant is part of a new multi-year approved plan, which gives CCHF more flexibility in future grant applications. Cass County Dental Clinic will use the grant to improve oral health outcomes for Medicaid, uninsured and low-income children in Cass County by providing dental services that are high quality, compassionate and culturally sensitive.

Cass County Dental Clinic offers dental services to children and adolescents age zero to 20 who are low-income uninsured or insured by Missouri Medicaid. In 2019, the clinic will treat approximately 3,000 underserved children at its two locations in Belton and Harrisonville, Missouri.

“The new multi-year approved grant plan is a great way for us to continue our long-standing partnership with Health Forward Foundation. Their support has played a substantial role in the development and maintenance of our safety net dental clinic. We look forward to improving oral health in Cass County with them in the years to come,” Cynthia Randazzo, CCHF president, said.

For more information about the clinic, click here or call 816-322-7600. Learn more about Cass Community Health Foundation's other programs here.