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Cass Community Stories

Cass County is full of people striving for improved health for their children, community and themselves. Read their stories here. 

Edgar walked through the clinic doors when he was just six years old. Now, in 2023, Edgar is still walking through the clinic doors at age 18.

Sydney Morgan was awarded Cass Community Health Foundation’s top health care scholarship in 2019. Four years later, she completed nursing school at Missouri Southern State University with three additional scholarships from the foundation.

Maddie Byard’s passion for nursing was sparked at Belton High School. She participated in a four-year biomedical course where she was given the opportunity to explore the medical field. She fell in love with nursing during the course.

Growing up, Nicholas Bennett didn’t embrace oral health and hygiene. Now our dental clinic feels like a home away from home — and he has the smile to show for it.

Dawn experiences anxiety when visiting the dentist and hasn't made regular appointments. But now she’s an expecting mother, so her priorities have changed.