Cass Community Stories

Jasmine Griechen

The cape-less clinic hero

Just after the new year, Jasmine and Maddison were walking back to a dental treatment room at the Cass County Dental Clinic Belton location catching up.

“Did you get everything you wanted for Christmas? How is tennis going? How is volleyball going?”

Jasmine Griechen has worked as a registered dental hygienist at the clinic since its inception. Before it was a brick and mortar location, she worked out of the Cass Community Health Foundation office to help get the space up and running. She’s seen the clinic doors open for many families and has created relationships with a lot of patients, especially the Verstraetes.

Tiffany Verstraete, mom of former and current clinic patients Joshua, Caleb, Maddison and Mckenzie, has observed a strong connection between Jasmine and her children.

“A few times we’ve scheduled all four kids at once, but we usually schedule two at a time. They always fight over who gets to have Jasmine. We’d be here all day if they all got their way,” Tiffany said.

After the school activities and holiday stories were shared, Maddison mentioned her brother Joshua. Joshua lost his insurance when he turned 19. His tooth was bothering him; a filling fell out; the pain worsened. His family and the clinic tried to reinstate his insurance without success. Jasmine made a few phone calls, found a willing endodontist and Cass County Dental Clinic paid for half of the procedure.

“I’m very grateful. It was a blessing for our family. The Clinic told us we’ve been good clients and we take this seriously. I know that teeth are really important,” Tiffany said. “When they did that for us, I felt like it was a compliment -- that they would step up and try and do something like that.”

Before the appointment ended, Maddison shared that her brother was getting his root canal that same day.

“I’m thrilled it’s being completed today. I don’t want Josh to experience anymore pain because I like your family too much,” Jasmine said.  

Jasmine and Maddison walked out to the waiting area to meet Tiffany and Mckenzie, Maddison’s twin sister. Jasmine reported a good bill of oral health for both girls and stretched out her arms to invite them closer for a photo.

“Let’s take a photo with some of my favorite twins,” Jasmine said. “But don’t tell my twins that.”

After the photo, she wished the Verstraetes a happy new year and went back to work, preparing for another appointment, another child and another smile to shape.