Cass Community Stories

Jayden Green

Creating a selfie-ready smile

Before Jayden Green came into Cass County Dental Clinic for an unexpected appointment, she was busy being a teenager. The 17-year-old goes to Belton High School, sings in the school choir, works two jobs and spends her remaining spare time with friends. But in February, her life was interrupted by a dental emergency.  Her tooth and a previously placed crown broke off near the gum line.

“Jayden was devastated when her tooth broke off and was anxious to see if it would have to be extracted,” Cass County Dental Clinic, Cass Community Health Foundation’s safety-net dental clinic, dentist Dr. Madeline Sloan said.

Cass County Dental Clinic has been a consistent and effective dental provider for Jayden since its opening in 2011.

“I’ve been coming here for a long time and they’ve taken good care of me.”

That didn’t change at her emergency appointment in February. Dr. Sloan discovered that less than 50 percent of Jayden’s tooth remained and that the previously placed crowned needed to be repaired to prevent her tooth from fracturing. Unfortunately, Medicaid would not cover the necessary procedures to restore Jayden’s smile. Cass Community Health Foundation and Cass County Dental Clinic staff went to the National Children’s Oral Health Foundation (NCOHF) for help. An application for NCHOF’s In the Gap funding was submitted on Jayden’s behalf. The funding provides direct care for children and teens in need of dental services that are not covered by Medicaid. NCHOF granted Cass County Dental Clinic $1,500 to complete the dental work Jayden needed. The clinic was able to successfully repair Jayden’s tooth. A new porcelain crown was placed to fully restore her tooth to proper form and function.

“When we told her we were able to get funding to help restore the tooth she was elated. Because this was a premolar tooth, it not only performs and aids in primary chewing function but was also close enough to the front of her mouth that it was visible when she spoke,” Dr. Sloan said. “It will continue to function as a very important tooth in maintaining a healthy mouth. Now she has her beautiful smile back.”

At a follow up appointment in May, Jayden sat in the dentist’s chair; passing time on her phone as she waited for the numbing agent to take effect.

“I was taking a selfie and could see the missing tooth. I was worried what people thought, but we were just waiting to get this procedure done. And then it was up in the air about whether or not it would get done at all. I didn’t want people to think I was toothless. So, I’m very grateful for this.”

Cass Community Health Foundation and Cass County Dental Clinic are proud members of NCOHF’s Dental Resource Program. Because of their In the Gap funding opportunity, the clinic was able to restore a smile.