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The Penningtons

Cass County Dental Clinic makes dental care accessible to Raymore family

A typical family dental visit for Steve and Lucinda Pennington required getting their six children into the car, driving 30 minutes from Raymore, Missouri to Kansas City and waiting in the dental office all day as each of their children, ages 11 months to 20 years-old, were treated.

Since the opening of the Cass County Dental Clinic (CCDC) in Belton, Missouri, the Pennington’s dental care has become much more accessible. Receiving care at the Belton clinic has reduced the family’s travel time 30-40 minutes and doesn’t require an entire day of planning.

“Having the clinic here in our community is a lot more convenient,” said Steve Pennington as he shared the story of when his daughter, Serenity, needed immediate dental work. “I’m not sure other places could have gotten her in so fast in an emergency situation.”
The Pennington’s learned of the clinic through their pediatrician and were in for an appointment in late October.

“They really know their patients here. We aren’t just in and out for our appointment. We talk and get to know the staff,” said Steve.

When asked if he would encourage donating to the clinic, Steve said, “It’s a tremendous cause. It is a great benefit for the community. I don’t think you could find a better cause to donate to.”