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Edgar walked through the clinic doors when he was just six years old. Now, in 2023, Edgar is still walking through the clinic doors at age 18.

Sydney Morgan was awarded Cass Community Health Foundation’s top health care scholarship in 2019. Four years later, she completed nursing school at Missouri Southern State University with three additional scholarships from the foundation.

Maddie Byard’s passion for nursing was sparked at Belton High School. She participated in a four-year biomedical course where she was given the opportunity to explore the medical field. She fell in love with nursing during the course.

Growing up, Nicholas Bennett didn’t embrace oral health and hygiene. Now our dental clinic feels like a home away from home — and he has the smile to show for it.

Dawn experiences anxiety when visiting the dentist and hasn't made regular appointments. But now she’s an expecting mother, so her priorities have changed.

Sharon found a dental home for Nylese at Cass County Dental Clinic during a time when they needed it most.

Ilse Guzman, Nery Menendez’s mother, couldn’t find her son a dental home. The main barrier? Cost. Dental care is expensive.

Leanne’s journey to becoming a nurse was partly supported by Cass Community Health Foundation donors and contributors.

Erickson's teeth needed extensive care. Cass County Dental Clinic partnered with Valencia Endodontics and America's Toothfairy to restore his smile.

Elijah, Jordan, and JJ needed a trip to the dentist, and Cass County Dental Clinic’s teledentistry team made sure they were in good hands.

Ella and Amanda’s experience at Cass County Dental Clinic was brief, but essential to a healthy smile.

Sara Jones has decided to share why supporting the foundation and its 5K for Health are a priority.

Dylan was a sophomore in high school and didn’t know what he wanted to do after high school graduation

Jade is moving on from Cass County Dental Clinic and has enlisted in the Army.

This summer, Inatius developed decay on his front teeth. Since Phillisha takes her children’s oral health seriously, she and Dr. Paige Gribble, clinic dentist, discovered it early.

When Chris and Carter Dawson go into our safety net dental clinic, they come out with double the smiles.

Gracyn Kloth is the recipient of the 2020 Daniel F. Sheehan Nursing Scholarship from Cass Community Health Foundation.

Madison Hoffman is the recipient of a scholarship from Cass Community Health Foundation and will study dental hygiene.

Zipporah came to the clinic to receive a partial, or a flipper. Her front tooth was missing and she needed a new one to tackle her teens.