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Zipporah Robertson

Zipporah Robertson is almost 13 years old. As she’s about to take on her teenage years, it’s important to Cass Community Health Foundation’s safety net dental clinic, Cass County Dental Clinic, that she has a smile to be proud of.  

Zipporah came to the clinic to receive a partial, or a flipper. Her front tooth was missing and she needed a new one to tackle her teens.

“They put cement stuff in my mouth. That was weird. I had to wait a couple of weeks and then came back to readjust a bit because my teeth started to shift. It fits nicely now though. I like it.” 

Dr. Paige Gribble, one of the clinic’s dentist, worked with Zipporah to restore her smile. “This is huge for a teenager’s confidence,” she said. 

When Zipporah was asked how her flipper made her feel, she said, 

“I like having a nice smile now;  it really boosted my confidence.”