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Chris and Carter Dawson

Cass County Dental Clinic is in the business of creating smiles. When given the chance to double their efforts, the clinic staff rise to the occasion.

Chris and Carter Dawson are twin brothers. Their mom, Elise, has driven them 50 miles round trip to receive dental treatments at the clinic since 2017 - a drive they don’t mind taking.

“Cass County Dental Clinic has always been great. The staff have super personalities,” Elise said. “The twins love everyone here.”

And because twins like to stick together, both Chris and Carter had several extractions and restorations completed early in the summer. Their mom has been impressed with the work.

“The experience has been phenomenal. The kids don’t leave here with any complaints, which is shocking because they get their teeth pulled,” Elise said. “They come out smiling.”