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The Francis Family

Phillisha Francis began bringing her daughter Aiyanna to Cass County Dental Clinic at nine-months-old. Aiyanna is now five-years-old and has a little brother, Inatius, who is one-year-old. His first trip to the Belton clinic was at seven-months old.

“We like it here a lot. Everyone is very kind, even when I call and have questions,” Phillisha said.

This summer, Inatius developed decay on his front teeth. Since Phillisha takes her children’s oral health seriously, she and Dr. Paige Gribble, clinic dentist, discovered it early. A special fluoride was applied to Inatius’s front teeth, which will help the cavity from progressing.

“It took just a couple minutes before he was done. We came back to do a check up and they reapplied to make sure it sealed properly and he has been just fine with it,” Phillisha said.

Treatment for front tooth decay in children Inatius’s age usually requires sedation. But Dr. Gribble opted to apply a special fluoride and avoid anesthesia.

“The fluoride application combined with follow up care and oral health guidance means Inatius will likely avoid a sedation visit altogether. It is something I am very passionate about. I avoid sedation visits at all costs, so this was a win-win,” Dr. Gribble said.

Cass County Dental Clinic, Cass Community Health Foundation’s safety net dental clinic, strives to provide peace of mind for families needing dental care. The Francis family knows that Dr. Gribble and the entire clinic team want Aiyanna and Inatius to have great experiences when they walk through the door. That’s why Dr. Gribble applied a special fluoride instead of putting Inatius under anesthesia. Continued support means we can treat Phillisha’s children and thousands of others for years to come.

“I feel very good that they have my kids’ dental needs in their best interest. They have been very good to my family for many, many years.”

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