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Jade Sanders

Jade Sander’s recent visit to Cass County Dental Clinic included some routine dental work and a trip down memory lane.

“My mom started taking me here when I was little.”

Jade’s first appointment at the clinic was eight years ago. Fast forward to today and Jade’s come to find the clinic familiar - a place where she has grown up.

“I love it here. You guys are amazing. You make me feel very welcome when I come in. The treatment I receive keeps my mouth comfortable.”

Now, Jade is taking the healthy habits she learned at Cass County Dental Clinic and embarking on adulthood. She has enlisted in the Army and is preparing to move into her own apartment.

Dr. Paige Gribble, clinic dentist, treated Jade during her recent appointment. She is excited to watch Jade succcessfully march into her future.

“The clinic staff are proud to help someone like Jade and look forward to seeing her reach her potential as a young adult.”

Charitable support for the clinic allows Cass Community Health Foundation to serve children and teens like Jade. You can donate to the clinic at