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Sara Jones

Sara Jones with Scott Elementary

Sara Jones has served on the Board of Directors for Cass Community Health Foundation for 18 years. Each of those years she has asked coworkers, friends, and my family to support the only community event that raises funds for the clinic – the 5K for Health. This year, she realized she hasn't explained why Cass Community Health Foundation and Cass County Dental Clinic are important to her. So, 18 years later, Sara has decided to share why supporting the foundation and its 5K for Health are a priority.

Her mom was the oldest of five children; she was a social worker and her father was a painter. One of his paintings hangs in her office today. As a painter, Sara's grandfather didn't always have steady work. That led to financial struggles and a lack of health care, including dental care. Her mother eventually lost all her teeth and wore dentures, which she found to be uncomfortable and embarrassing. As an older adult, she went through multiple painful surgeries and had every tooth replaced with an implant. 

Sara's role with Cass Community Health Foundation is a source of pride. The opening of Cass County Dental Clinic in Belton, and later in Harrisonville, filled a gap in Cass County oral health care. These clinics prevent children in her community from suffering from the pain and sadness her mother went through. Before Sara's mother died, she took her to the grand opening of the Cass County Dental Clinic location in Harrisonville. Her mother saw the work of Cass Community Health Foundation and its safety net dental clinic first-hand. Sara was proud and her mother was pleased to know this kind of work is available to children who need it.

This is why Sara has sent countless emails and made numerous phone calls over the past 18 years asking for support for this event. It's also why she hopes you will register for the 28th Annual 5K for Health. Cass Community Health Foundation is hosting the event on Saturday, May 7, at Southwick Stadium in Belton. Lots of fun activities are included like prizes and all-you-can-eat Chris Cakes. Sign up at