Cass County Dental Clinic

Dr. Sky Kurlbaum

Kurlbaum was raised in Kansas City, Kansas surrounded by a family in the dental field. His grandfather ran a dental lab, his mother worked in dental sales and his aunt is a dental hygienist. He grew up valuing oral hygiene and adopted dental skills at a very young age.

After graduating from Shawnee Mission East High School, he received a bachelor of science in organismal biology from the University of Kansas. At KU, Kurlbaum was a research assistant to Dr. David McLeod in the division of herpetology and graduated with honors.

Before attending dental school, Kurlbaum worked as a dental assistant at Brookside Dental Center in Kansas City, Missouri. He graduated from University of Missouri-Kansas City dental school as a member of Prosthodontics Honors and had the highest level of productivity among his classmates.

“As a dentist, it’s rewarding to help anyone. But it feels different when you know the person needs your help. I’m excited to work with this team and deliver good care. -Dr. Sky Kurlbaum

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