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Protect your friends, family and neighbors.

We have raised $219,840.91 of our $500,000.00  goal.


Most of us are keenly aware of the disruption COVID-19 has caused in our lives. It is confusing, disorienting and intimidating. At the same time, it is inspiring to see our community bond together and provide hope during this medical tragedy. Cass County, Missouri, is uniquely positioned to be a shining example of how good people who work hard can help each other through one of the greatest challenges of our time.

In an effort to empower community members to improve health in Cass County and the surrounding area, Cass Community Health Foundation is collaborating with the Cass County COVID-19 Task Force, made up of county commissioners, community mayors, health department officials and hospital authorities, to meet Cass County's needs related to COVID-19. 

What does Cass County need?

  • Tests to detect the virus and determine immunity
  • Personal protective equipment for health care workers
  • Personnel to administer tests

Cass County needs an increased supply of both financial resources and personnel so we know where this virus is living, who is infected, who is at risk and who is protected.

You can help Cass Community Health Foundation and the Cass County COVID-19 Task Force protect your friends and family, neighbors, frontline workers, essential employees and all citizens of Cass County, Missouri. Donate to the Cass County COVID-19 Relief Fund to help our community combat this health crisis, care for our citizens and begin the journey to a restored Cass County. 

Cass County COVID-19 Task Force

Key Contributing Companies and Individuals

You join these generous businesses and organizations by contributing to the Cass County COVID-19 Relief Fund. Just click the donate button below. 

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