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POSITION: Dental Assistant, bilingual, full-time

REPORTS TO: Practice Manager, works under the direct supervision of the Dentist

POSITION SUMMARY: Cass County Dental Clinic is looking for a full-time dental assistant to round out our energetic and passionate team! The right candidate will be dependable, detail-oriented, flexible, and able to work in a fast-paced environment. We are seeking someone with excellent communication and problem-solving skills who is comfortable working with patients ages 0-20 years and pregnant patients.

The full-time dental assistant will work four days per week for a total of 32-33 hours weekly. This is a benefit-eligible position. Benefits include PTO, paid holidays, IRA with employer match, and health/vision/dental insurance plan options.

Preferred skillsets include chair side assisting, ability to take diagnostic digital x-rays and panoramic x-rays, dental prophylaxis, sealant placement, follow sterilization and disinfection protocols, familiarity with EagleSoft and Dexis and current CPR certification. Computer skills are a must!

Candidates must be bilingual in English and Spanish. Preference will be give to those who have a permit from the Missouri Dental Board to Monitor Nitrous Oxide. Cass County Dental Clinic is willing to train the right candidate. 

HOURS & LOCATION: The full-time dental assistant will work at our clinic in Belton, Missouri Monday through Wednesday and Friday. Hours are 7:45 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. with a one hour break for lunch.

  • >>> Dental assistant job description

    Duties include but are not limited to:

    Works in collaboration with the Dentist & Dental Hygienist to provide comprehensive dental services to all patients, including but not limited to:

    • Reviews all medical histories at every visit & communicates pertinent information to the dentist
    • Utilizes dental software to accurately chart all existing dental restorations, oral conditions, and proposed treatment, as dictated by the Dentist
    • Assesses need for appropriate radiographs
    • Acquires diagnostic digital intraoral and panoramic radiographs when indicated
    • Supports the dentist’s treatment recommendations
    • Understands and is able to explain all dental procedures in a manner that is easily understood by patients
    • Discusses all procedures, responds to patient/parent questions, and obtains informed consent for all dental procedures
    • Provides chair-side assistance to the dentist during dental procedures
    • Anticipates the needs of the dentist and dental hygienist to ensure clinical efficiency
    • Assists the front office staff upon request or during “down time”
    • Accurately documents informed consent, refusal, and treatment options in patient record
    • Accurately documents all procedures in the patient record
    • Manages the flow of patients through excellent communication with the dentist and front office staff, including the ability to prioritize and keep the dentist on schedule
    • Maintains an appropriate supply of dental materials and supplies by properly disposing and replacing outdated products and ordering new products within a pre-determined budget and upon approval by the Practice Manager
    • Any other duties as delegated by the Dentist or Practice Manager

    Works in collaboration with the clinical team to ensure safety of dental clinic staff and patients, including but not limited to:

    • Ensures proper sterilization & disinfection techniques
    • Maintains compliance with CDC, HIPAA, and OSHA standards
    • Responsible for the maintenance & cleanliness of the dental operatories and sterilization area
    • Recognizes emergency situations and follows established emergency protocols
    • Any other duties as delegated by the Dentist or Practice Manager

    Assures integration of patient education into all aspects of dental treatment:

    • Educates patients on their homecare status and techniques to improve plaque control
    • Incorporates parent/guardian into education regime for every child
    • Explains importance of maintaining appointment sequence to every patient
    • Discusses complications that may result if the patient fails to complete the treatment plan
    • Provides anticipatory guidance and nutritional counseling
    • Instructs each patient in proper post-operative care


    • High School Diploma or Equivalent
    • Certificate in Dental Assisting is preferred
    • Current CPR/BLS Certification
    • Knowledge of various dental materials and compounds used by the dentist, and ability to mix compounds following rigid guidelines
    • Knowledge of dental instruments and the use of each
    • Ability to relate well with patients and other healthcare personnel
    • Social and cultural sensitivity appropriate to ethnically and economically diverse patient- and employee-base
    • Willingness to educate patients and the community in health maintenance and the role of the health care team
    • Ability to multitask & work well under pressure
    • Commitment to expanding access to care for the underserved

    Education and Experience:

    • Graduation from an accredited Dental Assisting program or at least 1 year dental assisting experience
    • Permit to assist with and monitor nitrous oxide sedation
    • Experience working with dental software is preferred, but not required
    • Previous experience working in a community health clinic is preferred, but not required
    • Bilingual (English/Spanish) applicants will be given preference

    Essential Functions:

    Dental Assistants must possess sufficient critical thinking, interpersonal, communication, motor, auditory, and visual skills to safely, reliably, and efficiently perform the described job duties.

    Cass County Dental Clinic complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and makes reasonable accommodations upon request for qualified individuals. If you believe you may need accommodations to assist you in performing your job duties, please contact the Practice Manager.

POSITION:  Dentist, prn

REPORTS TO: Director of Dental Programs



POSITION SUMMARY: The Dentist is responsible for the overall quality of care delivered by the Cass County Dental Clinic. 

Help us continue to provide access to dental care while our dentist is on leave and make a positive impact for the kids and families we serve!

Cass County Dental Clinic is looking for a general or pediatric dentist to cover maternity leave beginning on or around October 11, 2022 and lasting for a period of six weeks. Cass County Dental Clinic is a local non-profit organization committed to providing high-quality dental care for children ages 0-20 years old and some pregnant women. We are located just south of Kansas City, MO, with our primary location in Belton. Maternity coverage is needed Monday - Wednesday from 8 am. to 5 p.m. at our Belton clinic (one hour lunch). Two Wednesdays per month will be at our satellite office in Harrisonville, MO.

The right candidate is dependable, confident, empathetic, and able to thrive in a fast-paced environment. Must be able to communicate well with both young patients and parents/guardians to ensure successful visits. Experience with SDF, GI restorations, and Hall crowns is preferred to provide conservative, atraumatic treatment for young patients. Permanent extractions, permanent crowns, and root canals are offered on a case-by-case basis, according to dentist's assessment. Referral relationships are in place.

The clinical team includes two dental assistants and one registered dental hygienist.

HOURS & LOCATION: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Wednesday at Cass County Dental Clinic (802 E. Walnut St., Belton, MO) beginning on or around October 11, 2022 and continuing for a period of six weeks. During this time, the temporary dentist will work two Wednesdays per month at Cass County Dental Clinic (103 Oriole St., Harrisonville, MO 64701).

  • >>> Dentist job description

    Duties and Responsibilities

    Provides diagnostic, preventive, therapeutic and emergency dental services to patients including but not limited to:

    • Reviews all medical histories at every visit and seeks consultation with medical practitioners, as needed
    • Charts pathologic conditions and report these to the patient
    • Develops written treatment plan with all options explained to patient
    • Discusses informed consent with all patients prior to initiating any treatment
    • Explains planned procedure and any alternative procedures, discloses significant material risks associated with any alternative, and responds to patient questions
    • Documents the informed consent in the patient’s chart
    • Identifies the approximate number of visits and the time needed to complete care
    • Treats patients first for pain and infection
    • Recommends referrals to specialists when appropriate
    • Reviews and accurate and timely clinical notes and signs off on diagnosis and treatment provided
    • Meets clinical standards of practice as described by the American Dental Association, American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, and other organizations that set standards for the provision of dental care
    • Recommends revisions in the quality assurance program to the Cass County Oral Health Coalition
    • Participates in the quality assurance program at least annually or as directed by the director of dental programs as an evaluator
    • Participates in the quality assurance program at least annually as one who is assessed
    • Refers patient grievances that cannot be resolved to the practice manager

    Supervises care delivered by dental hygienists and assistants including but not limited to:

    • Instructs assigned dental assistants in chair side, laboratory, sterilization and radiology procedures
    • Oversees maintenance and cleanliness of dental operatories
    • Partners with the Practice Manager in scheduled evaluations of staff
    • Conducts community development activities including outreach in Cass County schools and  represents the Coalition at various community functions
    • Meets with Cass County Oral Health Coalition members, upon request  
    • Any additional duties as assigned by the director of dental programs or coalition

    Assures integration of patient education into all treatment phases:

    • Refers patients to the dental hygienist as necessary
    • Discusses home care status and techniques with patients who demonstrate sub optimal plaque control
    • Provides consultation for dental hygienists when requested
    • Incorporates parent/guardian into education regime for every child
    • Explains importance of maintaining appointments sequence to every patient
    • Explains the need for maintenance of oral conditions as a priority to fixed prosthodontic treatment or orthodontic referral  


    • Current Missouri license to practice dentistry
    • Maintain a valid Missouri B.N.D.D. and federal D.E.A license
    • Ability to relate well with patients and other health care personnel
    • Social and cultural sensitivity appropriate to ethnically and economically diverse patient-and employee-base
    • Willingness to educate patients and the community in health maintenance and the role of the health care team
    • Ability to work under pressure
    • Commitment to expanding access to care for the underserved

    Education and Experience

    • Graduation from an accredited DDS/DMD program
    • Prefer previous experience providing care at a community health center, pediatric dental office, or similar environment

    Essential Functions

    Dentists must be able to demonstrate critical, logical and analytical thinking and decision-making while also possessing motor, auditory, and visual skills that enable them to perform their job duties as described herein and in accordance with the American Dental Association’s Standards of Care.

    Cass County Dental Clinic complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and makes reasonable accommodations upon request for qualified individuals. If you believe you may need accommodations to assist you in performing your job duties, please contact the practice manager.

    Critical Thinking: Required for clinical judgment and professional behavior

    • Develop and evaluate potential solutions to problems
    • Bring ideas and solutions to the team for improved workflow, patient care, and other clinical processes
    • Maintain confidentiality
    • Develop and follow a treatment plan
    • Adjust treatment plans or sequencing based upon immediate dental needs
    • Establish priorities, organize workload and manage time in order to complete tasks within allotted timeframe for each patient appointment and the work day
    • Evaluate and assess patient’s oral health status, risks, and provide counseling based on individual risk factors for disease
    • Make and defend sound judgements
    • Note relationships and patterns
    • Evaluate and assess outcomes of treatment
    • Recognize limitations in skills and/or resources and refer care to specialists, as needed 

    Interpersonal Skills: Required to interact with others from a variety of social, emotional, cultural, and intellectual backgrounds

    • Establish good rapport with patients, guardians, coworkers, and other healthcare providers
    • Critically evaluate performance, accept constructive criticism, accept responsibility for errors and work to improve performance 
    • Be compassionate, ethical and sensitive to the needs of patients, guardians, and coworkers
    • Work together to reach a common goal (team player)
    • Be honest and show integrity in all interactions

    Communication: Required for constructive interaction with others

    • Read and comprehend technical and professional materials
    • Follow written and oral instructions to comply with clinic policies and procedures
    • Communicate concisely, effectively, and courteously
    • Use direct communicate and active listening skills with patients, guardians, coworkers and other healthcare professionals
    • Convey empathy and avoid making accusations or passing judgment during communication while tactfully holding others accountable for their oral health status or actions 
    • Explain findings, treatment recommendations & procedures and uphold clinic policies
    • Maintain clear, concise, and accurate clinical records and reports
    • Convey clear expectations to patients and the clinical team 
    • Perform basic computer functions
    • Able to respond quickly to verbal instructions, feedback, and questions in a noisy, fast-paced work environment

    Mobility and Touch: Gross and fine motor skills required to work safely and efficiently and to provide safe and effective dental hygiene care

    • Safely perform procedures requiring manual dexterity
    • Control clinical equipment and adjust instruments to safely perform clinical procedures
    • Use powered and manual dental  instruments for extended periods of time in a variety of motions
    • Use dental instruments with light tactile sense and strong grasp as required for performing assessment and providing clinical care
    • Sitting or standing for extended periods
    • Turning and reaching for dental instruments and materials
    • Repositioning as needed to accommodate patients who have difficult sitting still or following directions
    • Use foot controls to sense and regulate speed of dental handpieces and ultrasonic scaler by adjusting the amount of pressure exerted
    • Manual dexterity sufficient for typing and use of a mouse to efficiently enter accurate charting and clinical notes
    • Perform palpation and oral examination using tactile sensitivity to interpret extraoral and intraoral findings
    • Use tactile sensation to determine location of supra and subgingival deposits, overhanging margins, etc. 

    Visual Ability: Required to perform clinical procedures and assess patient needs

    • Read and comprehend text, numbers, and graphs displayed in print or on a monitor
    • Observe patient responses
    • Read gauges accurately
    • Differentiate between surfaces, sizes, and shapes of dental instruments
    • Discern variations in color, size, and shape of oral tissues and structures through direct observation, observing photographs, and reviewing radiographs to provide accurate diagnosis
    • Perform prolonged, multiple tasks in a small, artificially-lit area

    Emotional Endurance: Ability to work in a fast-paced, sometimes stressful environment, respond to emergencies, and maintain emotional control

    • Calmly react to urgent situations
    • Recognize your own stress level and seek assistance appropriately
    • Perform multiple tasks and establish priorities in a predefined timeframe
    • Set realistic expectations to meet the requirements of the job while upholding the highest standards of care
    • Ability to maintain emotional control with others

    Environmental Safety: Ability to protect self and others from environmental risks and hazards

    • Follow established policies and procedures related to employee and patient safety, including but not limited to OSHA and CDC guidelines
    • Utilize appropriate clinical safety equipment
    • Wear required Personal Protective Equipment, including but not limited to isolation gown, scrub cap, protective eyewear, face shield, exam gloves, puncture-resistant nitrile gloves, surgical masks, and respiratory protection (N95 respirator or PAPR) as described in Cass County Dental Clinic’s Bloodborne Pathogen’s Exposure Control Plan and OSHA Respiratory Protection Program
    • Use disinfectants and cleaning agents according to manufacturer instructions
    • Work safely with potentially hazardous bodily fluids and contaminated sharp instruments
    • Use sterilization procedures effectively
    • Tolerate frequent handwashing


    The temporary dentist will be a W-2 employee of Cass County Dental Clinic. The Dentist will be paid a daily rate. Temporary employees are not eligible for benefits offered to permanent employees of Cass County Dental Clinic, such as insurance, PTO, paid holidays, or retirement plans.

    The dentist must work with the Director of Dental Programs to obtain a Missouri Medicaid number and complete credentialing with all Missouri Medicaid Managed Care Plans prior to the first date of employment. The dentist must establish and maintain a current CAQH profile, add both CCDC locations to their profile, and provide their CAQH ID to the Director.  

    The DDS must have and maintain a current BLS certification, carry malpractice insurance with limits of at least $1,000,000 / $3,000,000, and add Cass County Dental Clinic as a practice location to their malpractice insurance plan. The dentist shall provide certificate of coverage to CCDC.

    The start date is dependent upon finalized provider credentialing with MOHealthNet and Medicaid managed care plans. Either party may cancel one or more of the dates with a 60 day written notice. 

    Additional shifts for days, hours, and/or locations not listed above may be offered to the employee in the future at the agreed upon rate.