Cass County Dental Clinic

Christian Steele

Christian Steele

Christian Steele and his dad, Christopher, were searching for a new dentist to treat Christian. Their search came with many challenges. They faced long waiting periods or offices that wouldn’t accept their insurance. But in February 2023, they found their new dental home at Cass County Dental Clinic.

Christian now receives treatment at the clinic’s Belton location, where he and his dad live. Their commute is convenient, and they enjoy their experiences at Cass County Dental Clinic. When Christian complained of aching teeth and gums, the clinic recommended a comprehensive treatment plan. Christopher brought Christian back for a series of appointments over the next several months to eliminate the pain and restore his oral health.  He arrived for his final treatment appointment in the fall of 2023. 

“I was super nervous, so they gave me nitrous. I was calm and relaxed. The staff talked and joked with me and made me feel at ease,” Christian said.

Cass County Dental Clinic is a resource for young people like Christian. Clinic staff prioritize education on oral health issues with the goal of increasing access to high quality and compassionate care. And that is exactly what Christian received.

“I love the work Cass County Dental Clinic has done for me. I’m no longer afraid to smile at school or in public. I greatly appreciate the staff. They are friendly, knowledgeable, and do a great job on my teeth.”

Cass County Dental Clinic, a program of Cass Community Health Foundation, is a nonprofit clinic that provides dental services to children, adolescents, and pregnant people who lack access to quality dental care. Patients can schedule appointments Monday through Friday in Belton, Missouri as well as Tuesday and Wednesday in Harrisonville, Missouri. To learn more about the clinic, visit