Cass County Dental Clinic


Learn more about children and families who have visited Cass County Dental Clinic. Their stories will bring a smile to your face!


When Leslie visits Cass County Dental Clinic, she speaks Spanish with staff members. Cass County Dental Clinic hires bilingual staff so patients like Leslie receive the dental care they deserve.

Paolo is only five, but she’s been walking through the clinic doors for three years. Cass County Dental Clinic is her family’s dental home.

Sierra brought her daughter, Amiyah, to Cass County Dental Clinic on January 26, 2024. Amiyah’s treatment plan was completed on February 2, 2024 — seven days later.

As an eight-year-old, Michael loves that his appointments at the clinic are thorough but short and even end with an occasional present.

Christian needed a new dentist. He found Cass County Dental Clinic and now he is no longer afraid to smile at school or in public.

Edgar walked through the clinic doors when he was just six years old. Now, in 2023, Edgar is still walking through the clinic doors at age 18.

Growing up, Nicholas Bennett didn’t embrace oral health and hygiene. Now our dental clinic feels like a home away from home — and he has the smile to show for it.

Regina is a young patient from Grandview, Missouri who had never received dental care before coming to Cass County Dental Clinic.

Dawn experiences anxiety when visiting the dentist and hasn't made regular appointments. But now she’s an expecting mother, so her priorities have changed.

Sharon found a dental home for Nylese at Cass County Dental Clinic during a time when they needed it most.

Ilse Guzman, Nery Menendez’s mother, couldn’t find her son a dental home. The main barrier? Cost. Dental care is expensive.

Erickson's teeth needed extensive care. Cass County Dental Clinic partnered with Valencia Endodontics and America's Toothfairy to restore his smile.

Elijah, Jordan, and JJ needed a trip to the dentist, and Cass County Dental Clinic’s teledentistry team made sure they were in good hands.

Ella and Amanda’s experience at Cass County Dental Clinic was brief, but essential to a healthy smile.